The Technique


The Micro Ring technique is one of the most undetectable and unnoticeable Hair Extension techniques available that combines your natural hair with hair extension strands clamped on, this technique DOES NOT Use Glues, Braids or Sewing and therefore does not cause any damage. In most cases the extensions last for up 4 months before they will need to be repositioned or changed.
The Micro Ring system is widely believed to be one of the simplest and most trusted HAIR EXTENSION SYSTEM available on the market and can be used for all types of hair.

The Micro Rings can be matched to any colour and are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the most comfortable being the silicon lined rings, which when clamped in place will confidently withstand the most rigorous of activities, most of our clients can attest to their day-to-day comfortability.

Renata Martin offers FREE no obligation consultation, in which you will be shown through the process in detail including the aftercare and recommended products.

This widely used,affordable technique is also the kindest to your hair with the best results and ultimately the best feeling and look.



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