Source of hair

As with anything there are several different qualities of hair available and choosing the correct source is very important. A lot of the hair now comes from India and China where the hair are easily available and relatively cost efficient. These hair are often heavily treated( as they are naturally very thick and coarse and of course dark only) which ultimately deteriorates the hair cuticles and leave the hair brittle and damaged.

I personally use only the finest quality of hair called Virgin Raw Hair (mostly from Eastern Europe).

Those hair are called 'Virgin Raw', because they have never been treated, curled permed or colored. Once cut, the ponytail is carefully washed and drawn to remove any shorter hair or split ends in order to be ready for use. This very short and non intrusive treatment ensures that the hair retains its cuticles and therefor they stay naturally bouncy, healthy and it also means that your extensions will take to any color or style you want.

These hair are soft to the touch and will keep their vitality and spring. They can be used and reused for years if properly looked after and will always remain of a superior quality.
I believe once you have tried and felt the quality, it is unlikely you will ever use anything else!

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